Education Planning

Education Planning (for yourself or your children) needs to occur well before mature learners or young scholars are poised to embrace higher education. It’s not just about understanding America’s higher-education landscape. It’s how individuals and families use that information, to navigate that landscape, that ultimately matters. Without a clear plan in place, chances are that a generation of eager learners will either not know which educational opportunities to pursue; or they’ll lack the financial resources to pursue an educational path that leads them to the career of their choice.

Without prudent educational planning, individuals and families are often left scrambling to manage and fund the higher-educational aspirations of their own or that of their families.  We’ll help you take the guesswork out of planning for future educational needs. We do this by creating a forward-looking financial plan of estimated education expenditures. There are multiple ways to fund educational expenses including tax-advantaged strategies in accordance with a myriad of Federal and State laws.